AGFA AnapurnaMW

This professional quality, UV-cured Hybrid printer is capable of printing on a variety of different media including rigid and roll-to-roll formats. What makes this machine stand out from other flatbed printers is it’s ability to print white ink.

The white ink capabilities of the AnapurnaMW gives us the ability to print onto transparent materials such as plexiglass for use in backlit applications.

This machine has the capability to run at 23m2/h in full 6-colour mode. We can also increase the print quality to 720×1440 when needed for full colour, photo quality prints.

Summa F Series Flatbed Cutter

This muli-function cutter allows us to cut nearly any material that we’ve printed on. With the option to load up to 3 different tools at any given time we have the ability to cut, carve and router out any shape you can imagine.

The cutting area on the Summa is a full 63″ wide and up to 164′ long. A few of the more common tools that we use are a Kiss Cutting Knife for cutting decals, a Router for carving and cutting through heavier materials such as metal, wood and rubber, and a Cut Out Knife for slicing through Coroplast, Bubble-X and other composite and plastic based materials.

Need something printed and then carved, cut or sliced? This is the machine for your project!

Mutoh 1614

The Mutoh line of printers was designed specifically for the sign and display print market. This roll-to-roll solvent based printer prints on various types of media up to 64″ wide and has a full speed capacity of 18.2 m2/h.

The Mutoh is our main choice for banner, canvas and vehicle wrap printing as its 720 x 720 dpi, 4 pass print head outputs high quality images at a great speed.

Soljet Pro II SC-540

Decals, wall graphics, and banners – the Soljet Pro II prints (and cuts) nearly anything! This 1440 x 720 dpi solvent-based printer gives us the capability to print and cut nearly anything – from basic square and round decals to more intricate designs.

Summa DC4

Our lovingly nicknamed printer, Darth – a 54″ spot colour thermal printer – gives our shop the ability to print over a variety of non-standard substrates including reflective and metallic vinyls for companies that require safety or highly visible decals and signs.

“Darth” can print and cut up to 50.2″ wide.